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Amiga MakeCD Support Page

This is the support page for the latest public version of MakeCD. MakeCD is a program to write CDs.

: "MakeCD is the best CD writer software for the Amiga!"

The readers of the German printed Amiga magazine Amiga Plus rated MakeCD being the best CD writer software for the Amiga: MakeCD won the Amiga Plus Award 1997.

MakeCD 3.2c and FlashROM V1.11 are finished! New:PlextorConfig V1.1. MakeCD 3.2d beta 12 and makecdromfs.module 45.12 with Joliet and HFS support are publicly available.

V3.2 has several new features and improvements. Some of them are: V3.2a/b/c are mostly maintance versions with bug fixes and support for new drives. V3.2d adds support for ATAPI DAO (aka raw writing aka "mode select fails in DAO") and Burn Proof. Support for foreign images (.bin/.cue and .bin/.toc) was added, so that VideoCDs can be created with the help of VCDGear (Amiga version). These public betas are as stable as the last official release, they have simply never been wrapped up as a complete archive.

See history and features for details. And here is the MakeCD 3.2c archive. The English documentation for MakeCD 3.2b is not quite finished, but we have included an intermediate version.

The archive of the 12th public beta of 3.2d only contains new binaries. You still need V3.2c for a full installation. Beta 11 removed any restrictions on ISO image creation for registered users, fixes an illegal memory access during .cue file import and adds support for indices in data tracks. Later a registration key was made available for free so that everyone had a chance to use MakeCD. Beta 12 removes the registration dialog completely because it serves hardly any useful purpose anymore and always required reentering the license key under UAE's shared filesystem.

If you replace your V11.3 version with the new makecdromfs.module V45.12, then MakeCD since 3.2 beta 10 also allows you to write Joliet and HFS tracks. This module also supports a better, extended file list format - see the readme that is included with the new module. It is brought to you by Heinz Wrobel, who should be contacted regarding all problems with the makecdromfs.module. Beware that this module really is in beta at the moment. It might produce invalid images or hang; in fact, don't continue to use any 45.x version older than 45.12, because they had problems.

The language specific archives are available here. They haven't changed since V3.2. Only those marked with "V3.2" have been updated already:
catalog V3.2c and documentation V3.2c
catalog V3.2
catalog V3.2
catalog V3.2
catalog V3.2
catalog V3.2
catalog V3.2
catalog V3.2
catalog V3.2, 07.11.99
├eËtina (Czech)
catalog V3.2
Here you find .dms archives to update your disk to MakeCD V3.2c.

MakeCD Registration

MakeCD used to be shareware and some shops sold boxed versions together with a license. This worked well in the past and we are thankful to everyone who found MakeCD worth paying for. However, MakeCD sales have long ago stopped being a relevant source of income for us. At the same time it has become harder and harder for interested users to get hold of a MakeCD license as more and more Amiga shops ceased business.

Therefore we decided to draw a line and stop selling MakeCD altogether: now it is available for free. You still need a valid license key for the existing binaries. Here is a valid, unrestricted key:

Serial Number: 555555555
License Key: H8HsRww)7Uz)!iXE5PUMfgP#VymA6

Starting with beta 12 even that key is not needed anymore because the beta works without entering any registration key.

If you want to tell the authors that you use MakeCD you are welcome to enter some information about yourself in these online forms, but this is entirely voluntary: English Registration Form, German Registration Form.

Future Development and Support

Understandably this issue has been brought up more frequently lately. We regard MakeCD in its current form as a very stable and mature solution for CD writing on the Amiga, which is one reason why development has slowed down. We are aware that there are things to do and to improve, but we cannot make any promise when or whether any of it will be realized.

A version 4.0 of MakeCD would require a considerable amount of time and effort and in the current situation of the Amiga market it is simply not likely that this would pay off. Besides, we both have a job that requires all our attention (and a life to live, which is by no means less important). Please don't use MakeCD unless you are convinced that it already fulfils your needs (we trust that it already does, though ;-). Holger Kruse has emphasized this point in a thread on our mailing list about expectations of (Amiga) shareware users; we couldn't have said it better and agree with all of his statements wholeheartedly.

Having said that, please rest assured that we are still dedicated to MakeCD and will provide bug fixes and adaptions to new drives as far as necessary. Even if not listed in the Compatibility list, modern drives usually work with the CDR_SCSI3_ATAPI.driver right away. Since V3.2d beta DAO is also supported for ATAPI drives (as promised earlier)...

FAQs of the day

Here you find answers to problems not yet covered in our complete English/German FAQ or worth repeating at a more prominent place.

We collected a lot of interesting information for you. Have a look at the following links:

Now download some useful stuff:

Links to the MakeCD release and beta archives are listed above.

FlashROM.lha             Amiga flash utility for Plextor and Yamaha drives, V1.11

PlextorConfig.lha        Amiga tool to (de)activate the Audio Player compatibility mode of Plextor drives, V1.1

Angela's public key to check binaries

Information for Programmers:
Rock Ridge Amiga Specific Attributes
AIFF-CD specification

Useful programs:
VCDGear                  tool to generate VideoCD images
Home page of vcdtools - no executable, but compiles easily with an ANSI C compiler
IDEfix97.lha             ATAPI-Support+Multivolume CD-ROM filesystem
amicdfs240.lha           Excellent CD-ROM filesystem
cdromemu.lha             Test ISO image without using any CD-R
HWGCTRLscsi.lha          Control reselection in scsi.device V39/40
NSDPatch.lha (V43.17)    Useful tool to enhance devices
Brik.lha                 Brik - useful to test data CDs
tri20b2usr.lha           Triton preferences (GUI layout system)

This is a very useful CD-R FAQ: http://www.cd-info.com/CDIC/Technology/CD-R/FAQ.html.

Feel free to use this logo for links to http://makecd.core.de/.

Patrick Ohly and Angela Schmidt

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