MakeCD Registration

If you have bought MakeCD from a commercial distributor, then we would like to ask you to register your MakeCD online on this page. We guarantee that we we will use your data only for MakeCD purposes. You do not have to fill in every field. Should you not have received a serial number or registration key, then please enter "not received". Many thanks.

If you have received MakeCD directly from the authors or from Katrin Schmidt, then you do not need to register, that was done for you already. The same applies to all customers who have received their final registration key from Katrin Schmidt.

Information about Serial Number
Serial Number Please enter: should be a normal decimal number
Registration Key Please enter: the key has 5 to 7 mixed characters
Personal Information
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Family Name Please enter: your surname
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Country Please enter: your country
Other Information about Address
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Information about Purchase
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Information about your Hardware
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