Hardware supported by MakeCD

If you would like to learn more about the support for various devices, please read the compatibility list. The devices in the following list are generally supported.

Please note that, unlike the makers of certain other CD writer software, we have constructed this list with our own research. Similar looking lists should be read with caution since some drives mentioned later require special treatment in order to work with their corresponding driver.

We own the following CD writers, which of course means that they are particularly well supported:

We have had the use of the following writers for a lengthy period of time in order to program the drivers. We have since returned these drives to their respective owners:

The following CD writers are generally supported by MakeCD. CD writers marked with "(*)" have not been tested by us, but in theory, they should work too.

MakeCD also supports the following CD-ROM drives:

Patrick Ohly and Angela Schmidt

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