MakeCD Mailing Lists

There are three mailing lists for MakeCD. English is the language of choice for the mailing lists!
For discussions with other MakeCD users. The MakeCD authors read these too, especially to answer questions noone else is able to respond to. Sometimes the authors will ask the users for opinions on a particular new feature, etc.
No discussions, but announcements made by the authors. For example, new versions or new drivers are announced here.
This list sends all new MakeCD binary files (as well as new versions of MakeCD) directly to the mailbox of the person entered. This is useful for those without access to FTP servers, home pages or newer MakeCD archives.

You can make your entry in a list with "SUBSCRIBE <user@host.domain>" at the email address mentioned above. Let's take an example: this is how we enter ourselves on the announcement list with the address

Subject: Something


To remove oneself from the list, you send a similar message, but where SUBSCRIBE is replaced with UNSUBSCRIBE.

The following message sends further instructions:

Subject: Something


In Internet there is an mailing list archive that contains all old emails of the discussion and announcement lists. You can find this archive at the following addresses:

Patrick Ohly and Angela Schmidt

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