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SyncEvolution for the iPhone: What’s Next?

Apple has finally announced the SDK for the iPhone. In contrast to what I had hoped earlier, it does not seem to contain any documentation about accessing the calendar data. The AddressBook framework is documented, but I had already figured out how that API works.
Therefore it is still as hard as before to add calendar [...]

SyncEvolution 0.7 Released – Ho Ho Ho!

Here’s a slightly early Christmas present: I have released SyncEvolution 0.7. For those who have already followed the prereleases there haven’t been much changes since -pre2:

I noticed problems with the background thread which watched the Evolution Data Server and therefore disabled it. This means that SyncEvolution will hang again when EDS dies unexpectedly.
I fixed an [...]

SyncEvolution on iPhone with 1.1.2 – does it work?

I have to disappoint those hoping to get an answer to this question here – I don’t know it myself at this time. My own iPhone still runs 1.0.2 and Funambol has tested on 1.1.1, so those two firmware versions are known to be compatible. For 1.1.2 I have less good news: one user has [...]

Address Book Synchronization Mentioned on iPhone Hacks

The only iPhone related blog that I read regularly, “iPhone Hacks“, has written about the Funambol iPhone plug-in. Unfortunately they completely missed the fact that the real work of synchronizing contacts is done by SyncEvolution. The article seems to be a rewrite of the Funambol iPhone solutions page. Further information would have been available in [...]

The Power of the SyncEvolution Command Line

With the Funambol iPhone plugin providing a nice GUI for SyncEvolution on the iPhone one might wonder what the advantages are of using the command line version on the iPhone. None of the other platforms have a GUI – why hasn’t anyone added one yet? This post will explore some of the things that can [...]

SyncEvolution: A Bad Weekend – for Bugs!

This weekend saw the most gruesome death of several bugs which have affected SyncEvolution users with Evolution 2.12 and the iPhone. I don’t know whether any of these bugs were screaming “Today is a good day to die!” before gobbling their last byte, but some really put up a fight. Let me summarize what I [...]

SyncEvolution 0.7 and beyond – Calendar Support for the iPhone?!

I have dodged this question for a while: will I continue to work on SyncEvolution for the iPhone and add the currently missing support for calendars, notes and tasks? My own priority was to have contacts synced between Evolution and the iPhone. But others seem to depend a lot more on their calendar and immediately [...]

SyncEvolution + Funambol iPhone plugin: how they are related

Some bloggers have started to pick up the announcement of the Funambol iPhone plugin, but only spoke of Funambol’s involvement – and that although Fabrizio made it very clear that the plugin would not have been possible without SyncEvolution. I got a free iPhone from Funambol, but that would never have been enough to pay [...]

iPhone name server lookup: “Unknown server error” for

# ping
ping: cannot resolve Unknown server error
# nslookup
Non-authoritative answer: canonical name =
This is one of the known problems on the iPhone. The same thing happens when libCURL in SyncEvolution [...]

iPhone Address Book Synchronization with SyncEvolution: The Making Of

The iPhone port of SyncEvolution has been publicly available for a week now. Since then Fabrizio has mentioned it in his blog posting about the Apple SDK and announced his Funambol GUI for SyncEvolution on the iPhone. Users have started asking questions about it. Before examining the possible next steps with this exciting new platform [...]

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