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Running SyncEvolution as cron Job

It used to be fairly easy to run SyncEvolution as a cron job. Starting with GNOME 2.24 (as included in Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid) it became a bit more complicated. The automatic initialization of D-Bus (required for access to gconf and thus the list of available Evolution databases) now depends on an X session, which is [...]

Binary Packages for Evolution

Providing precompiled SyncEvolution packages for Evolution has been a major pain in the… rear end. SyncEvolution depends on three different Evolution libraries. Since Evolution 2.6.1 (included in Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, which is still in use today), more often than not one of these libraries was changed in a new release. As a result of that [...]

SyncEvolution 0.8 Released

Prereleases have been around for a while and were even recommended for new installations. There haven’t been any bug reports for the latest beta packages, so it was time to put the gears into action, get the compilers running and spin some nice packages for the final 0.8 release…
Available Packages
The usual number of packages are [...]

Syncing Exchange with SyncML Server

In theory SyncEvolution on Linux (or BSD, or whatever you bother to compile Evolution and SyncEvolution for…) could be used to synchronize contacts, events, and tasks stored in a Microsoft Exchange server: the Evolution Exchange Connector provides the data via the same APIs that SyncEvolution normally uses to synchronize such data.
In practice it failed for [...]

0.8 Beta: Update Recommended for Calendars

I have received two reports from users about problems with calendar synchronization with Evolution 2.22.x. In one case everything worked fine with Evolution 2.12, but segfaulted with 2.22.x, in the other Evolution’s e_cal_get_changes() failed due to an unspecified error.
0.8 beta 1 no longer depends on that call and therefore updating to it solved the problem, [...]

iCalendar 2.0 + Detached Recurrences

“What the heck are detached recurrences?” and “why should I care?” might be your first reaction when reading the title. If you work in a corporate environment and have to attend regular meetings, then chances are high that you have some of those beasts in your calendar. When a meeting is canceled for a specific [...]

Time Zone Handling in Evolution

Earlier this year, users of Evolution again missed meetings because the meeting time was not displayed correctly. This blog post explains what the problem is and how it can be avoided in the future. It’s basically a summary of the corresponding GNOME Bugzilla entry #528902. I’m blogging about it now because I just committed fixes [...]

SyncEvolution Doesn’t Work? Tell me!

A fellow German has written about his (mostly failed) attempts to synchronize contacts and calendars using SyncEvolution and the Funambol server. He expresses the hope that 0.8 will fix his problems. I’m afraid 0.8 will be a disappointment then.
First, calendar synchronization will always lose information as long as any link in the chain from one [...]

SyncEvolution 0.8 alpha 1

I have prepared a first snapshot of what is going to become release 0.8. In contrast to previous pre-releases this one is still a bit rough and I am skipping some manual testing in order to get it out before leaving for a two-week business trip. But some people have asked for features that are [...]

SyncEvolution 0.7 Released – Ho Ho Ho!

Here’s a slightly early Christmas present: I have released SyncEvolution 0.7. For those who have already followed the prereleases there haven’t been much changes since -pre2:

I noticed problems with the background thread which watched the Evolution Data Server and therefore disabled it. This means that SyncEvolution will hang again when EDS dies unexpectedly.
I fixed an [...]