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SyncEvolution 0.9 beta 2: with GTK GUI and included in Moblin 2.0 beta

While I was away on my family vacation, the SyncEvolution branch with the new GTK GUI and various other improvements was published as part of the Moblin 2.0 beta release.

Since then we have added some minor fixes and improvements and later released the source as SyncEvolution 0.9 beta 2.


A GTK GUI! The “sync-ui” program depends on a backend D-Bus service (”synevo-dbus-server“) and several auxiliary files. Therefore it only runs without hacks after “sudo make install”, in contrast to the normal command line which can be invoked directly.

New configuration templates can be added to /etc/default/applications/syncevolution. These templates may contain icons which are used by the GUI (no icons shipped right now).

Information about previous synchronization sessions is now stored in a machine-readable format and can be accessed via the new --print-sessions options. The output of this information is more complete and more nicely formatted.

--status now not only shows data changes since the last sync, but also the item changes (see README for the difference between the two).

The new --restore option allows restoring local data to the state as it was before or after a sync. For this to work, “logdir” must be set (done by default for new configurations). The format of database dumps was changed to implement this feature: instead of in a flat file, items are now saved as individual files in a directory. To get the previous format back (for example, to import as one .vcf or .ics file manually) concatenate these files.

With --remove one can remove configurations. It leaves data files and the local databases untouched.

Various bug fixes and improvements:

  • compiles and works again on Debian Etch if Boost 1.35 is installed from (without GUI, see Bugzilla #3358)
  • uses XDG_CACHE_HOME (= ~/.cache) for logs and database dumps to avoid interfering with .desktop search in XDG_DATA_HOME; the directory there is automatically moved when running syncevolution (Bugzilla #3309)
  • re-enabled certain config options (clientAuthType, maxMsgSize, maxObjSize); normally it shouldn’t be necessary to modify those (Bugzilla #3242, #2784)
  • fixed error handling of unexpected server reply in libsoup transport (Bugzilla #3041)
  • message logging is enabled at logLevel 3 (XML translation) and 4 (also original XML or WBXML message)
  • GTK GUI fixes since initial Moblin 2.0 beta: only start it once if libunique is available (Bugzilla #3154), wrap text in change sync service” button (Bugzilla #2064), sort sources alphabetically in UI (Bugzilla #2070)

Next Steps

The goal right now is to work towards a stable 0.9 as quickly as possible. Primarily that involves interoperability testing with several different servers. The issue tracker contains a complete list of known issues that we would like to address. Some of them might have to be postponed, though.

Translation of the GTK GUI will be coordinated as part of the Moblin translation project, which will be open for external contributors. The Italian GNOME/Translation Project has already contributed a translation, many thanks! It has not been included in beta 2 only because we are still figuring out how the translation process will work.

Other contributions are also welcome. The Bugzilla contains a long list of ideas for enhancements: anything currently assigned to the team mail alias is fair game for anyone who wants to start hacking on something.

Not covered with specific work items is the implementation of a SyncML server mode in SyncEvolution. A design document for that is available, join the SyncEvolution mailing list if you are interested.

Source, Installation, Further information

See 0.9 beta 1: SyncEvolution 0.9 beta 1: Full-time Project, using Synthesis SyncML Engine

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