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{ Monthly Archives } May 2009

A different kind of launch

I already started writing about my full-time job in this blog, so I might as well expand the scope even further and add a private announcement: today, at 17:10pm CEST, our daughter was born. We are all fine and happy (as far as I can tell with the baby – the language module hasn’t been [...]

SyncEvolution 0.9 beta 1: Full-time Project, using Synthesis SyncML Engine

When I started this blog, I wanted to keep it limited to my private open source work and not write about the work that I do as part of my regular software engineering job at Intel. That distinction is mute now because as of January this year, my main job at Intel is about SyncEvolution [...]

Running SyncEvolution as cron Job

It used to be fairly easy to run SyncEvolution as a cron job. Starting with GNOME 2.24 (as included in Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid) it became a bit more complicated. The automatic initialization of D-Bus (required for access to gconf and thus the list of available Evolution databases) now depends on an X session, which is [...]