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SyncEvolution lpia .deb Packages

Ubuntu has introduced a separate “lpia” architecture (Low Power Intel Architecture) for mobile Atom-based devices. The advantages of that instead of just using the normal i386 packages (which Atom can run just fine) are:

  • Compiler flags can be used to tune the executables specifically for the Atom CPU. The following gcc flags were recommended by Intel: -O3 -m[sse3 or ssse3] -march=Nocona -mfpmath=sse
  • Enabling features which are off or not the default for normal desktop systems.

One drawback of the new architecture name is that the packaging tools refuse to install i386 packages. To overcome this I have added “lpia” to the architectures supported by the APT repository. You can download 0.8.1 from there.

I’m not using any special flags or features because I don’t expect that they would make a relevant difference. In the future, the content will be exactly the same as for i386. For 0.8.1 I recompiled the same sources with the same settings.

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  1. Frederik | December 3, 2008 at 11:03 pm | Permalink

    Great, thanks alot!

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