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Segfault with MemoToo: Check Your Credentials

A user just reported that he got segfaults when trying to access MemoToo with SyncEvolution 0.8.1. After he sent a log file, I noticed that authentication had failed just before the segfault and then was able to reproduce and fix it in the Funambol client library: if authentication fails, the MemoToo server doesn’t send a certain piece of information although it “should”, according to the SyncML standard. “should” is less strong than “must”, so the MemoToo server is not behaving quite as expected, but still within the bounds of the SyncML standard.

The Funambol client library was using that information in one code path without really checking that it had been sent, leading to the segfault. Fix is in the github SyncEvolution release branch of the client library and was submitted upstream.

I don’t plan to recompile SyncEvolution because of this, so please take care to set the username/password properties correctly. No quotes around the actual strings, they are interpreted as part of the property values!

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