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{ Monthly Archives } November 2008

Tracking Funambol C++ Client Library with Git

I have imported all source code of the Funambol C++ client library (now known as CPP SDK) into one git repository. It contains both the old and the new repository that Funambol started to use two weeks ago. All tags and branchs are available.
I’ll spare you the gory details of the conversion. It involved creating [...]

Magic Tricks Revealed: How SyncML Works and When It Fails

When it works, PIM data synchronization is like magic: neat effects, apparently effortless… and the magician performing the act doesn’t reveal his secret. One unspoken “secret” of the industry specializing in this particular kind of computer magic is that there are situations where it all breaks down and the user’s data gets mangled or lost. [...]

Segfault with MemoToo: Check Your Credentials

A user just reported that he got segfaults when trying to access MemoToo with SyncEvolution 0.8.1. After he sent a log file, I noticed that authentication had failed just before the segfault and then was able to reproduce and fix it in the Funambol client library: if authentication fails, the MemoToo server doesn’t send a [...]