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Logo Contest – Kind Of…

For a while I would have liked to have a nice logo for the domain and SyncEvolution. The problem is, I’m better at coding than drawing…

If you are good a graphics and want to lend me a hand, then I’d be happy for suggestions. I don’t want to run a formal logo contest (I don’t expect much interest), but offer a reward anyway: a free copy of SyncEvolution. Oh, wait, it’s free already! My eternal thanks will have to do then as reward.
Regarding the logo, I was thinking along these lines:

  • Suitable as favicon.ico for (which is not only about SyncEvolution), as large logo in the blog header and as logo on the SyncEvolution pages – scalable .svg perhaps?
  • The tag line for SyncEvolution is now “The Missing Link”. The theme with creation and evolution was already picked up by the “Genesis” GUI, so I something along that line might work. DNA perhaps? “It’s in the genes”!

Here’s a draft of that idea, created as SVG in Inkscape with the perspective effect. I’m sure it could be improved.

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  1. jukey | August 29, 2008 at 9:11 am | Permalink

    I like your idea but I’m a very bad painter too how you can see here:


    It would be a fantastic thing to have the gui on the tablets!

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