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SyncEvolution beta 3: Exchange Calendar Works Again

One of the new features in 0.8, detached recurrences, required different updating of events in a calendar. As it turned out during additional tests, this new method did not work with the Evolution Exchange calendar backend. I have changed the code once more and it now works with both a local, file based calendar as well es Exchange.

There were also some other, minor code cleanups. The code is ready for an 0.8 release. I’m only releasing it as 0.8 beta 3 for one last round of testing, with a limited set of precompiled binaries (see below).

If you are updating from 0.7, also see the previous posts about alpha 1, beta 1 and beta 2.


Installation is done almost as described for the the stable release. But because I don’t want users of the stable version to pick up the beta version unintentionally, you need to use different repositories:

Only x86 binaries for Evolution 2.8 and 2.12 (also works for 2.10, 2.22) have been prepared at this time. I can add Maemo packages if someone wants them. Everyone else, please compile from source.

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