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0.8 Beta: Update Recommended for Calendars

I have received two reports from users about problems with calendar synchronization with Evolution 2.22.x. In one case everything worked fine with Evolution 2.12, but segfaulted with 2.22.x, in the other Evolution’s e_cal_get_changes() failed due to an unspecified error.

0.8 beta 1 no longer depends on that call and therefore updating to it solved the problem, at least in that case where the user reported back. The other problem also can no longer occur. If you have calendar problems, please use 0.8.

The beta has been out for a while now, with no reports other than the expected (and now solved) X-OSSO-CONTACT-STATE issue on Maemo. I’m going to rework the web pages soon so that they refer to 0.8 as the stable release. The final release will then follow this month.

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