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{ Monthly Archives } August 2008

Logo Contest – Kind Of…

For a while I would have liked to have a nice logo for the domain and SyncEvolution. The problem is, I’m better at coding than drawing…
If you are good a graphics and want to lend me a hand, then I’d be happy for suggestions. I don’t want to run a formal logo contest (I [...]

SyncEvolution beta 3: Exchange Calendar Works Again

One of the new features in 0.8, detached recurrences, required different updating of events in a calendar. As it turned out during additional tests, this new method did not work with the Evolution Exchange calendar backend. I have changed the code once more and it now works with both a local, file based calendar as [...]

Syncing Exchange with SyncML Server

In theory SyncEvolution on Linux (or BSD, or whatever you bother to compile Evolution and SyncEvolution for…) could be used to synchronize contacts, events, and tasks stored in a Microsoft Exchange server: the Evolution Exchange Connector provides the data via the same APIs that SyncEvolution normally uses to synchronize such data.
In practice it failed for [...]

A Look at Funambol 7.0: The State of the Onion

Funambol has officially released the 7.0 revisions of their server and clients. If we think of the announcement of the 7.0.3 release as the outer marketing layer around the Funambol products, then this post is an attempt to peel away that layer and to take a peek at the implementation layers beneath it… This is [...]


SyncEvolution 0.8 beta 2: New File Backend

I have tagged SyncEvolution 0.8 beta 2 and uploaded a source snapshot. The biggest change in this snapshot was a reorganization of the source code and how it is compiled, with the intention of completely decoupling the core SyncEvolution from its backends. It is now possible to add a backend and compile it into a [...]

SyncML Client Do-It-Yourself Style

You want to synchronize data in a local database with a SyncML server and there is no SyncML client which supports that? Perhaps you are using KDE PIM or GPE? This post explains how you can write your own SyncML client for them using the SyncEvolution framework. There are several arguments in favor of taking [...]

0.8 Beta: Update Recommended for Calendars

I have received two reports from users about problems with calendar synchronization with Evolution 2.22.x. In one case everything worked fine with Evolution 2.12, but segfaulted with 2.22.x, in the other Evolution’s e_cal_get_changes() failed due to an unspecified error.
0.8 beta 1 no longer depends on that call and therefore updating to it solved the problem, [...]