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SyncEvolution for Nokia 770 – Anyone Using It?

Is there still anyone using SyncEvolution on a Nokia 770 with an ITOS 2007 or older? I used to provide a single package of SyncEvolution for all the Internet Tablets which I compiled with the SDK for ITOS 2006. But when building 0.8 alpha 1 I found the binary no longer worked properly on ITOS 2008 “Chinook”. I had to temporarily switch to linking everything into one file, which caused an unwanted hard dependency on the Dates application.

When compiling with a current SDK, everything works as expected: the calendar backend is used if Dates was installed, otherwise it is silently ignored. I also fixed the setup routine so that only the available sources are configured.

To make my life easier I would like to drop support for anything running an ITOS older than 2008 “Chinook”. Any objections?

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