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{ Monthly Archives } July 2008 moved

I knew about this upcoming change for a while, but not exactly when it would happen: today a user of MakeCD, the Amiga CD writing software that I developed together with Angela Schmidt during our studies, pointed out to me that is gone. After many years of very reliable and on top of that, [...]

Get Notifications by Email

Recently I was asked whether there is an announcement mailing list for SyncEvolution. There is none; instead I started to announce new versions or major changes here on this blog. But because not everyone is using blog readers and visiting web pages to check for updates is tedious, I have installed the post notification plugin.
On [...]

SyncEvolution 0.8 beta 1

I have tagged and compiled beta 1 of SyncEvolution 0.8. In contrast to the previous alpha, this one is considered stable and ready for wider testing and usage. Therefore I have prepared the full range of binary packages, including Mac OS X (which I had skipped in the alpha). There is no iPhone package, because [...]

Genesis 0.3.1 Released

Frederik has released 0.3.1 of Genesis, his slick GUI for SyncEvolution. Being a command line junkie I’m not using it myself, but if you prefer a GUI, then I recommend that you give it a try. Oh, and tell Frederik that you like it, because it will required further work when combined with the upcoming [...]

myFUNAMBOL + Device ID => Slow Syncs

In SyncEvolution <= 0.7 it was necessary to configure the so called “deviceId” manually. This string is used by a SyncML server to distinguish multiple different devices of the same user. When different devices use the same ID and use the same account on a server, then the server may get confused about whether it [...]

SyncML + Mac OS X

Funambol has made the initial snapshot of a Funambol Plugin for Mac OS X available. “Funambol Plugin” is Funambol speak for “a SyncML client”. Claimed features are contact and task synchronization with Funambol servers (emphasis mine). For anyone who can read between the lines this is a hint that standard formats like vCard/vCalendar/iCalendar are not [...]

SyncEvolution for Nokia 770 – Anyone Using It?

Is there still anyone using SyncEvolution on a Nokia 770 with an ITOS 2007 or older? I used to provide a single package of SyncEvolution for all the Internet Tablets which I compiled with the SDK for ITOS 2006. But when building 0.8 alpha 1 I found the binary no longer worked properly on ITOS [...]