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{ Monthly Archives } June 2008

Calendar Time Stamps and Time Zones

There are many misconceptions around how time should be handled in calendar applications. In some other context I care about clock synchronization with microsecond accuracy; for calendar events I would be happy if programs were not off by an hour… So let me write up my thoughts and examples in a blog post that [...]

iCalendar 2.0 + Detached Recurrences

“What the heck are detached recurrences?” and “why should I care?” might be your first reaction when reading the title. If you work in a corporate environment and have to attend regular meetings, then chances are high that you have some of those beasts in your calendar. When a meeting is canceled for a specific [...]

Time Zone Handling in Evolution

Earlier this year, users of Evolution again missed meetings because the meeting time was not displayed correctly. This blog post explains what the problem is and how it can be avoided in the future. It’s basically a summary of the corresponding GNOME Bugzilla entry #528902. I’m blogging about it now because I just committed fixes [...]