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{ Monthly Archives } March 2008

New Configuration Handling Ready for Testing

The redesign of the SyncEvolution config handling is now ready to be tried out by brave users. This is still in a very early stage, but I have spent a good amount of time this weekend writing unit tests for it, which all pass… after fixing several minor issues, like printing to stderr instead of [...]

SyncEvolution Status Update: On the Road to 0.8

I have been rather quite for a while – not because I was lazy, but rather because I was actively working on the next major update of SyncEvolution… That work is not yet publicly visible, so let me summarize the status.
Nightly Testing
I have extended the regular nightly (okay, only in some timezones) testing. It now [...]

Contributing to SyncEvolution

I recently wrote an email about my own private “laundry list” of items that I look at when deciding whether I contribute to a project. Now I would like to check how SyncEvolution fares in that litmus test. If it doesn’t pass, perhaps I should stop working on it Seriously, I’d really [...]

SyncEvolution for the iPhone: What’s Next?

Apple has finally announced the SDK for the iPhone. In contrast to what I had hoped earlier, it does not seem to contain any documentation about accessing the calendar data. The AddressBook framework is documented, but I had already figured out how that API works.
Therefore it is still as hard as before to add calendar [...]