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Goodbye SourceForge, Part I: Downloads

Because of the download problems with the APT repository that accessed files transparently on SourceForge and because uploading files there is such a, hmm, major hassle, I have moved all current files onto See the SyncEvolution installation page for details.

The CVS repository will also move in the not so distant future and probably be converted to Subversion in the process (which already runs on I haven’t decided about the bug tracker: on the one hand it is not particularly user-friendly. In particular, I have found no way how to always get an email for new reports. I am the default owner for all categories, but issues for which the creator doesn’t set a category are not assigned to me and I don’t get an email. Sometimes I notice new reports only very late because of that. On the other hand operating a bug tracker is quite some work for the few issues that are reported for SyncEvolution, even if it is so easy to install and customize as my all-time favorite, Roundup.

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