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{ Monthly Archives } February 2008

FOSDEM 2008 – I’ll be there.

Just in case: I’ll be in Brussels this weekend for FOSDEM 2008. If anyone wants to meet me there, then just let me know… I’d be happy to meet real, life users of SyncEvolution there or to discuss it with other developers.

Compiling SyncEvolution From Source – Why?

I know why I compile from source, but why is the source .tar.gz downloaded as often as it is? My goal with providing binaries for as many platforms as possible was that normal users should never have to go through the chore of installing the additional development packages and compiling SyncEvolution. To that end I [...]

Goodbye SourceForge, Part II: Repository

I also moved the source code repository from CVS on SourceForge to Subversion on (an alternate identity of Switching away from CVS was long overdue. And guess what, my first manual commit into the new repository had the magic number 500:
$ svn commit src
Sending src/EvolutionClientConfig.h
Transmitting [...]

Goodbye SourceForge, Part I: Downloads

Because of the download problems with the APT repository that accessed files transparently on SourceForge and because uploading files there is such a, hmm, major hassle, I have moved all current files onto See the SyncEvolution installation page for details.
The CVS repository will also move in the not so distant future and probably be [...]

Download Issues with APT Repository

Several people have recently reported issues with downloading .deb packages. The reason is that these downloads are redirected to the SourceForge download servers behind the scenes and those servers have been a bit unreliable lately. I chose this, ahem, “unorthodox” approach because I wanted to have all files and their download statistics in one place.
This [...]