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Nokia N810 Arrived

On Tuesday evening my discount code was finally accepted by the German Nokia online shop, on Wednesday the order was processed and it arrived on Friday – just in time before I left for Meka 2008. For those who don’t know (and don’t worry, you are not expected to), the “Meeting Karlsruhe” started as a meeting of Amiga users. Nowadays BSD and Linux machines have replaced the Amigas, although a few Amigas are still around.

There was considerable interest in the N810, in particular by one of the well-known members of the Amiga scene and Meka: he had already toyed with the idea of buying one. After playing with mine in real life he was convinced to go ahead with that plan. Good he liked it, because he was about to get one as a collective birthday present on Sunday… Now the question everyone (me included) has been waiting for: does the existing SyncEvolution 0.7 work on IT OS2008?

No, the address book backend does not load:

~ $ syncevolution scheduleworld addressbook 02:31:24 GMT +0000 [ERROR] - addressbook: type 'text/vcard' not supported. The following backend(s) were not found:

Some of the required shared libraries are not available or have the wrong version. I’ll have to recompile it, but for that I need a working Chinook SDK installation first. Now I have considerable motivation to get it working as soon as possible :-)

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