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Updated Roadmap for SyncEvolution 0.7

Originally I had planned to release 0.7 in November. All scheduled features are implemented and Funambol is about to freeze the C++ client library that SyncEvolution depends on, therefore (with a very liberal definition of November) I could release 0.7 almost in time.

On the other hand no one is screaming for a release, so although I believe in regular stable releases I decided to replan: 0.7 will be released in December. To make up for the delay I will complete the calendar support already in 0.7 by also synchronizing detached recurrences (i.e. exceptions from a recurring meeting with a different time or title). That depends on SyncML server support though and I still need to see how that works out.

[Update 2007-12-10]: detached recurrence support has been implemented on a branch, but does not work with current server as it is now. Doing it in a way which works is a too intrusive change and should better be delayed until after the stable release. I’m now focusing on getting 0.7 out in time before heading off to the Christmas celebrations…

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