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{ Monthly Archives } December 2007

Redesign of SyncEvolution Config Handling

The config file handling of SyncEvolution is not particularly user-friendly. The reason is that it is a direct port of the Funambol client configuration mechanism, which was supposed to be manipulated via a GUI, not via a text editor. With 0.7 released, now is a good time to rethink that approach. This post explains how [...]

SyncEvolution 0.7 Released – Ho Ho Ho!

Here’s a slightly early Christmas present: I have released SyncEvolution 0.7. For those who have already followed the prereleases there haven’t been much changes since -pre2:

I noticed problems with the background thread which watched the Evolution Data Server and therefore disabled it. This means that SyncEvolution will hang again when EDS dies unexpectedly.
I fixed an [...]

Maemo + N810

I haven’t written about the Maemo (aka Nokia 770/N800 and soon N810) port of SyncEvolution here yet. Let’s fill this glaring gap…

Debian Packaging via CheckInstall: now also 64 bit

The Debian and Ubuntu .deb packages that I provide for SyncEvolution are created with a patched CheckInstall which works without root access. For the technically inclined I’d like to explain the reasons behind that; for everyone else I have good news about prebuilt packages for x86_64.

SyncEvolution on iPhone with 1.1.2 – does it work?

I have to disappoint those hoping to get an answer to this question here – I don’t know it myself at this time. My own iPhone still runs 1.0.2 and Funambol has tested on 1.1.1, so those two firmware versions are known to be compatible. For 1.1.2 I have less good news: one user has [...]

Updated Roadmap for SyncEvolution 0.7

Originally I had planned to release 0.7 in November. All scheduled features are implemented and Funambol is about to freeze the C++ client library that SyncEvolution depends on, therefore (with a very liberal definition of November) I could release 0.7 almost in time.
On the other hand no one is screaming for a release, so although [...]

The Motivation for Writing SyncEvolution

On the introduction page for SyncEvolution I have a short section on why I started with this whole synchronization thingy. That section is a bit stale, so let’s revisit this topic. If you are interested in what makes an open source developer spend his time on writing code, documentation and tests instead of watching TV, [...]

Genesis: a SyncEvolution GUI by Frederik Elwert

As promised, Frederik Elwert has written a PyGTK GUI for SyncEvolution that he calls Genesis. I like the name and the GUI looks really nice, so head over to Frederik’s blog and try it out, then leave comments there.
I just ran it myself and have some suggestions:

a configuration editor/wizard – Frederik intentionally did not add [...]