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Address Book Synchronization Mentioned on iPhone Hacks

The only iPhone related blog that I read regularly, “iPhone Hacks“, has written about the Funambol iPhone plug-in. Unfortunately they completely missed the fact that the real work of synchronizing contacts is done by SyncEvolution. The article seems to be a rewrite of the Funambol iPhone solutions page. Further information would have been available in Funambol’s press release and of course this blog.

Because SyncEvolution is a standards-compliant SyncML client, synchronization is not limited to myFUNAMBOL: it also works with other SyncML servers (I regularly test with Synthesis and ScheduleWorld; user’s have had success with eGroupware and more). The GUI only allows to configure the server’s URL and account data. For everything else it uses the configuration files for the “funambol” server. So to change the URI, edit the /var/root/.sync4j/evolution/funambol/spds/sources/addressbook/config.txt file.

The blog also concludes that “As both methods do the same thing I guess the iPhone web app would be the more preferred option”. I personally find it much more useful to have my contacts on the device itself because incoming calls are matched against the stored numbers and then displayed with the name of the person calling me.

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