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SyncEvolution 0.7 pre2 released

I have just uploaded the source tar ball and the usual set of binaries (iPhone, Nokia 770/800, x86 .tar.gz and .deb for Evolution 2.6-2.12). Those of you using package management tools (iPhone, apt) can pull the new release that way, others can use SourceForge. For iPhone and Evolution 2.12 users this is an important update because it fixes several problems. For everyone else I have added new features (command line options, pretty-printing local changes since last sync). For the detailed NEWS entry keep reading.

Updating user configuration: no relevant changes in this release. For those
who haven't done so already, enabling large object support is recommended
(see syncml/config.txt sample configs). It is required for myFUNAMBOL to
synchronize very large address books and some users have reported segfaults
unless this option was enabled.

* iPhone bug fix: syncing contacts with photos was unreliable (export) and
  crashed (import) because the API had not been called correctly

* iPhone + ScheduleWorld: when configured to use vcard3 (recommended!) then
  contacts are exchanged as vCard 3.0

* iPhone + ScheduleWorld bugfix: importing vCard 3.0 did not correctly
  classify the phone numbers. A sync with the new "--sync refresh-from-server"
  option will fix this, assuming that the server has the correct data.

* Evolution: detect a crashed backend and abort SyncEvolution instead of
  hanging forever.

* adapted calendar event insert/update to Evolution 2.12: the UID needs to be
  restored, otherwise the Evolution backend crashes (GNOME issue #488881)

* new feature: if the previous log directory is still available,
  then local changes made since last sync can be queried
  before starting a sync (new option --status) and will be
  printed directly before a sync. Setting the "logdir" option
  will automatically keep the most recent logs and database
  dumps around.

* added command line options:
  --sync|-s <mode>
    Temporarily synchronize the active sources in that mode. Useful
    for a 'refresh-from-server' or 'refresh-from-client' sync which
    clears all data at one end and copies all items from the other.

    The changes made to local data since the last synchronization are
    shown without starting a new one. This can be used to see in advance
    whether the local data needs to be synchronized with the server.

    Suppresses most of the normal output during a synchronization. The
    log file still contains all the information.

    Prints usage information.

    Prints the SyncEvolution version.

* default configurations now reference the normal Evolution databases
  ("Personal") thus requiring less changes to use. The account information
  is now clearly marked as placeholder which needs to be entered.

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  1. Antonio Carlos Silve | November 14, 2007 at 3:44 am | Permalink

    Hi Patrick,

    First of all congrats for the amazing job you and Fabrizio did with funambol integration for iPhone, it worked just great for me. Really impressive

    When do you plan to add the other sync functionalities? Calendar, notes and tasks?

    For the tasks do you plan to sync with MobileTasks app?


  2. Patrick Ohly | November 14, 2007 at 7:33 pm | Permalink

    Right now I intend to wait until Apple releases their SDK for the iPhone. Then we’ll know how difficult it will be to add support for the other data items.

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