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{ Monthly Archives } November 2007

SyncEvolution + ScheduleWorld + Calendar Synchronization: iCalendar 2.0, but…

As I just wrote about Funambol’s iCalendar 2.0 support I might as well add a report about a recent development in that regard with ScheduleWorld: ScheduleWorld has had full support for iCalendar 2.0 for a long time. Recently the nightly testing showed a difference in the server’s behavior which IMHO could potentially affect users.

SyncEvolution + Funambol + Calendar Synchronization: vCalendar 1.0 Considered Harmful

Funambol 6.0 improved support for iCalendar 2.0 (as used by Evolution and SyncEvolution) considerably, so people started using it although the support is not yet complete. However, there is one big problem and that has caused all kinds of bug reports: in the default configuration the Funambol server sends vCalendar 1.0 back to Evolution, which [...]

Address Book Synchronization Mentioned on iPhone Hacks

The only iPhone related blog that I read regularly, “iPhone Hacks“, has written about the Funambol iPhone plug-in. Unfortunately they completely missed the fact that the real work of synchronizing contacts is done by SyncEvolution. The article seems to be a rewrite of the Funambol iPhone solutions page. Further information would have been available in [...]

Getting SyncEvolution via apt

It seems that I have not advertised the new apt repository well enough: some users still compiled from some source even though binary packages were available and could have been installed via apt. There’s nothing wrong with compiling from source of course (it’s a good exercise and a first step towards making changes yourself), but [...]

The Power of the SyncEvolution Command Line

With the Funambol iPhone plugin providing a nice GUI for SyncEvolution on the iPhone one might wonder what the advantages are of using the command line version on the iPhone. None of the other platforms have a GUI – why hasn’t anyone added one yet? This post will explore some of the things that can [...]

SyncEvolution 0.7 pre2 released

I have just uploaded the source tar ball and the usual set of binaries (iPhone, Nokia 770/800, x86 .tar.gz and .deb for Evolution 2.6-2.12). Those of you using package management tools (iPhone, apt) can pull the new release that way, others can use SourceForge. For iPhone and Evolution 2.12 users this is an important [...]

SyncEvolution: A Bad Weekend – for Bugs!

This weekend saw the most gruesome death of several bugs which have affected SyncEvolution users with Evolution 2.12 and the iPhone. I don’t know whether any of these bugs were screaming “Today is a good day to die!” before gobbling their last byte, but some really put up a fight. Let me summarize what I [...]

SyncEvolution 0.7 and beyond – Calendar Support for the iPhone?!

I have dodged this question for a while: will I continue to work on SyncEvolution for the iPhone and add the currently missing support for calendars, notes and tasks? My own priority was to have contacts synced between Evolution and the iPhone. But others seem to depend a lot more on their calendar and immediately [...]

SyncEvolution + Funambol iPhone plugin: how they are related

Some bloggers have started to pick up the announcement of the Funambol iPhone plugin, but only spoke of Funambol’s involvement – and that although Fabrizio made it very clear that the plugin would not have been possible without SyncEvolution. I got a free iPhone from Funambol, but that would never have been enough to pay [...]