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SyncEvolution 0.7 pre1: Binaries for Evolution 2.10/2.12

Pretty much on the day that Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy) was released with Evolution 2.12.0 inside and people upgraded to it, I started to get reports that the SyncEvolution 0.6 binaries no longer ran: they either failed to start due to missing libraries (easy to diagnose) or failed because the libraries were still there, but did no longer work (not so nice).

I think I have told everyone who contacted me and the web pages have also been updated, but following the spirit of this blog let me also announce it here: there are now precompiled binaries for 2.10 (still to be tested) and 2.12 available. This time around they are even in a nice apt repository…

Beware that since Evolution 2.12 synchronizing calendars with SyncEvolution crashes the Evolution dataserver. There haven’t been any comments by Evolution developers on that issue, but as I can reproduce it with the SyncEvolution test suite and a locally compiled Evolution 2.12 I will investigate as soon as time permits.

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