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SyncEvolution: Blog Available

While working on the SyncEvolution port to the iPhone I thought a lot about how to announce it. SyncEvolution has its own web page, I am occasionally posting announcements on the Funambol users mailing list and there is a ScheduleWorld forum that I watch. There was no specific news source for just SyncEvolution alone, therefore I started this blog.

The main topic here will be SyncEvolution and anything related to it. This means my posts will be about new features, release announcements and (hopefully not too often) current problems with SyncEvolution, but also random thoughts about the technology and open source. Let’s see how this mixture works out…

Don’t expect too many new posts here. Unless I find that I really enjoy writing text instead of code, I will probably only blog while actively working on SyncEvolution and then take a break again for a while.

Comments are intentionally allowed: please, tell me what you think. There are people who suggest that anyone who wants to comment should do in his own space, but I expect that many users of SyncEvolution won’t bother to set up their own blog just to leave a comment. Obviously, spam could be a problem, so I enabled Akismet and reCAPTCHA: hopefully they will keep the spam away (because I don’t want to do that manually), and reCAPTCHA even helps to digitize books (hmm, perhaps I really should finish SyncEvolution 0.7 and spend some time again with a real book myself…).

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