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{ Monthly Archives } October 2007

iPhone name server lookup: “Unknown server error” for

# ping
ping: cannot resolve Unknown server error
# nslookup
Non-authoritative answer: canonical name =
This is one of the known problems on the iPhone. The same thing happens when libCURL in SyncEvolution [...]

SyncEvolution 0.7 pre1: Binaries for Evolution 2.10/2.12

Pretty much on the day that Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy) was released with Evolution 2.12.0 inside and people upgraded to it, I started to get reports that the SyncEvolution 0.6 binaries no longer ran: they either failed to start due to missing libraries (easy to diagnose) or failed because the libraries were still there, but did [...]

iPhone Address Book Synchronization with SyncEvolution: The Making Of

The iPhone port of SyncEvolution has been publicly available for a week now. Since then Fabrizio has mentioned it in his blog posting about the Apple SDK and announced his Funambol GUI for SyncEvolution on the iPhone. Users have started asking questions about it. Before examining the possible next steps with this exciting new platform [...]

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SyncEvolution: Blog Available

While working on the SyncEvolution port to the iPhone I thought a lot about how to announce it. SyncEvolution has its own web page, I am occasionally posting announcements on the Funambol users mailing list and there is a ScheduleWorld forum that I watch. There was no specific news source for just SyncEvolution alone, therefore [...]